September is the last month of the federal fiscal year 2019. Squadron 80 ended the year celebrating the success of its members. Ten members were recognized for completing milestones in Civil Air Patrol’s professional development program and for contributions to San Francisco Bay Group 2 and California Wing.

Level I: Membership

The first level of CAP’s professional development program introduces members to the history, customs, and basic policies of Civil Air Patrol. After reviewing material and passing an online exam, candidates for Level I review the material with a designated officer and discuss their interests within CAP. Members completing Level I receive a certificate and the Membership Ribbon.

1st Lt Richard West, Squadron 80 Commander, presented the Level I certificate to SM David Bartlebaugh, SM James Bird, SM Kimberly Blow, and SM William Given.

Level III: Grover C. Loening Award

The Grover C. Loening Award is the third level in CAP’s professional development program. Loening was a noted aviation pioneer who became the first civilian member of the National Air and Space Museum’s Advisory Board. Members receiving the Loening Award have established themselves as a leader within CAP.

Lt West presented Capt John Heldt with the Grover C. Loening Award.

Capt Heldt receiving his Grover C. Loening Award from Lt West

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards are authorized for members whose performance is above and beyond those of their peers for service to the unit, group, or wing. Lt Col Noel Luneau, Group 2 Commander, authorized the following achievement awards to members of Squadron 80:

  • Lt West for his work as the project officer for and instructor at the Airborne Photography ground school hosted by Group 2.
  • 1st Lt Isaac Wilson IV, Squadron 80 Deputy Commander, for being nominated for California Wing Unit/Group Staff Member of the Year by Group 2.
  • 1st Lt Stephen Pierce for being nominated for California Wing Safety Officer of the Year by Group 2.
  • Lt Col Daniel Tupper for being nominated for California Wing Senior Member of the Year by Group 2.

Capt David Hartman, Squadron 80’s previous commander, was nominated for California Wing Squadron Commander of the Year by Group 2. Capt Hartman is an active member of the Asheville Composite Squadron, North Carolina Wing. We are working to ensure Capt Hartman receives his Achievement Award.

Commander’s Commendation

The Commander’s Commendation Award is presented to Civil Air Patrol members for “outstanding duty performance where achievements and services are clearly and unmistakably exceptional when compared to similar achievements and service of members of like rank and responsibility.” The following members of Squadron 80 received Commander’s Commendation Awards:

  • Lt West for being recognized as California Wing Operations Staff Officer of the Year.
  • Capt Heldt for being recognized as California Wing Cadet Orientation Pilot of the Year.
  • Maj George Gadd for being recognized as California Wing Communicator of the Year.

The awards were presented by Col Alan Ferguson, California Wing Commander, at the California Wing 2019 Education Conference.

Lt West, Capt Heldt, and Maj Gadd are now California Wing’s nominees for the Pacific Region “of the Year” Awards.

Richard West

1st Lt Richard West, CAP, is Commander of San Jose Senior Squadron 80 and Assistant Emergency Services Officer of San Francisco Bay Group 2.


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