This past weekend, millions of people around the world watched live as an American-made rocket took American astronauts to space for the first time since the Space Shuttles were retired in 2011. Some of those millions watched via a Facebook Watch Party hosted by 2d Lt Kyle Blow (Public Affairs Officer) and 2d Lt Kailash Kalidoss (Aerospace Education Officer and NASA Solar System Ambassador). The event was a great success for our squadron and the general public.

Since the launch on Saturday, SpaceX and NASA have been testing the systems of the Crew Dragon (christened “Endeavor” by the crew) and successfully docked at the International Space Station. A review of all these activities will be the feature presentation of tonight’s meeting. We’ll focus on the science and the psychology of the viewer.

The feature presentation will be preceded by a check-in to see how everyone is fairing during the continuing COVID-19 crisis.

Members of Squadron 80 are requested to connect to the meeting via the squadron’s “General” channel in Microsoft Teams. Guests may join the meeting by going to or by dial-in (628-225-1673 Conference ID: 241 800 082#).

Richard West

1st Lt Richard West, CAP, is Commander of San Jose Senior Squadron 80 and Assistant Emergency Services Officer of San Francisco Bay Group 2.


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