Squadron Agenda: 04Mar2019

This week’s meeting is our monthly safety briefing. 2d Lt Mary Hartman will be giving a presentation on sleep and fatigue, which is ever more important in our fast-paced society. If you sleep (or don’t), you’ll gain to learn from this topic. Feel free to join us!

Squadron Agenda: 25Feb2019

This week, our Emergency Services meeting will focus on a major part of our ES mission: Emergency Locator Transmitters, or ELTs. We’ll be learning how they were developed, how they work, and how they’ve evolved from simple beacons to advanced units with built-in location transmitting. If this interests you, feel Read more…

Squadron Agenda: 28Jan2019

This week’s meeting will be our Awards and Promotions ceremony. If you’re interested in learning more about CAP, this will be one of your better chances to speak with members directly, as business ends sooner than typical meetings. We look forward to welcoming you!