Meeting Agenda 13 Jan 20

This week’s meeting will be a Squadron 80 business meeting. We will be preparing the required paperwork in advance of our Subordinate Unit Inspection later this month. Members will also be given a chance to review their current goals and determine next steps.

Meeting Agenda 6 Jan 20

Happy New (Calendar) Year! Squadron 80 will be returning to their regular weekly meeting schedule starting 6 Jan 20. Our first meeting of the month/year will be our required safety down day. We will also be discussing our upcoming events schedule and our biennial subordinate unit inspection. This meeting is Read more…

Holiday Dinner 16 Dec 19

This week, we take a break from our regular meetings to hold the San Jose Senior Squadron 80 Holiday Dinner for squadron members and invited plus ones. There will be no regular meetings until 06 Jan 20. We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.